Who ?

Bicycle Fabrication Supply is owned and operated by Andrew Cooper.

You probably don't know me, I am not a veteran of the frame builder industry, or the newest upcoming builder. I am a fellow bicycle builder who has been building frames for 9 years under the name CooperWorks. My start to learning the trade from the ground up was with old time builder Colin Laing.  He gave me my first introduction and some starter skills and then sent me on my way. From there I continued the journey by making the mistakes, learning by trial and error, and utilizing the frame builder forums for the treasure trove of information to help along the way. I still continue to build frames and will never stop as it is something I am very passionate about and brings me joy upon each completion and knowing there is always more to learn and becoming better with each build.

Since a young age bikes and fabricating or modifying things have been a part of my life and continues to be as I share it with my young family. My work background is in motorcycle mechanics, metal fabrication in various industries, and sales in both industrial and sporting goods industries.

Why and what to expect ?

Bicycle Fabrication Supply grew out of my belief that there is a need for more choices of both suppliers and products in the industry. As this can only provide builders and fabricators with options that best fit their needs and personalities.

I have always had pride in my level of customer service no matter what industry I am involved in. You can expect the same here at Bicycle Fabrication Supply. Providing honesty, timely communication, and prompt service are staples in providing our customer service and we will always be working hard for you.

The Future

To grow as we meet and work with builders from all levels of experience and techniques striving to become one of the preferred suppliers. We will always be on the lookout for new and exciting products to add to our lineup along with some of our own designs. If you ever have comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.